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About Us

finding inspiration in every turn

One united vision, a world where well-being is the norm

Two accomplished individuals, focused on finding balance from within

Three aspirations; to discover, create and live your best life

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Our Purpose

Champion, foster and advance wellbeing 

We all need encouragement to pursue our best selves, to explore what it’s like to feel comfortable, healthy and joyful.

When we get a taste of that, we are on our way and we realise there is so much out there to support and guide us. 

We start to move forward in a purposeful way to achieve our individual journey of wellbeing. 

We enable every individual to connect and find their own path from within.

We can take what we have learnt and pay it forward to others and the community.

This is Pivot Life. This is the Pivot Purpose. And we are your Pivot Partners.  

Our way of life...

Inspired by our own journey and informed by learning from around the globe

we bring knowledge, experience, tools and resources that guide and connect you to a path to wellbeing. 


In the workplace or from your own space, we co-create a roadmap of self-discovery.​

We are guided by the way we live life; ​

 Being courageous​

 Curiously exploring

 Embracing the unchartered​

 Holding the space​

 Walking beside​

 We are enough in every moment​

Pivotlife Partners

Anne Wicking

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Anne’s own pivot points ignited a passion that lies in the domain of healthy and constructive conversations with self and others and how  good conversation impact wellbeing.  As a highly experienced CEO, with many years in the corporate and NFP sector working mainly in mental health and education, Anne has combined her experience and learning to bring together business acumen with strengthening and building healthy relationships in personal and business environments.  She has undertaken extensive study on the neuroscience of conversations and is certified in Conversational Intelligence® and a qualified Hypnotherapist. 


Sue McDowall

Sue has navigated several significant pivotlife points; having traversed an array of opportunities to co-create with passionate, creative individuals and entrepraneurs. Her story involves producing websites with purpose and possibilities while focussing on her clients individual voice and message, designing interiors to celebrate unique personal and work spaces and now working with individuals seeking a new life path through nutrition and wellbeing and assisting SME's with co-creating bespoke solutions for their "Wellbeing in the Workplace" initiatives.

Being a creative person Sue has always felt driven to use that creativity to help and support others.
Sue's pivot points have taken her from hairdressing, motherhood, interior design, organisational management, to web design and marketing to being a health & well-being coach and Pivotlife Partner.

Sue believes through nutrition and well-being and the complete integration of mind, body and wisdom – the realisation that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being. Her passion is to support and enable the transformation of others through their own health and well-being life lens.

To broaden her life and career experience, Sue has also undertaken extensive study with a holistic approach to nutrition and gut health, focussing on nourishment both "on and off the plate" and is certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Sue's hope, throughout her experiences and education, is to provide our clients with the tools they need to navigate their pivot points through life.



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