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"Effective Leaders" by Mike Cameron

Effective Leaders, Mike Cameron’s new book is an outstanding resource and companion to his first book, The Emerging Leader. Click here to Purchase

Mike has gathered insightful and rich lived experiences of Leaders across a range of industry and leadership levels. This coupled with narrative from subject matter experts highlights the various skills sets, attitudes and learnings required of Leaders over the coming decades. With most organisations wrestling with knowns and many more unknowns presenting themselves every day - and underscoring what we can expect into the future – his identified characteristics of RESPECT - COURAGE – INTEGRITY – AGILITY are foundational to effective Leadership.

My contribution to the book on Workplace Engagement further highlights the needs for our Leaders to foremost be self-aware, and hold an uncompromising principle of trust which underpins their ability to bring out the very best in their teams, allow space and psychological safety, harness creativity and provide an environment where individuals are provided opportunity, encouraged, involved and a chance to evolve. We all need to learn from others, this book provides an opportunity in one place to enter the Leaders’ world and how they navigated their leadership journey – as well as hear from those who have a wealth of experience, it is not often we get to take a sneak peek into this style of narrative. If you want to grab a copy, click here or on the link below;


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