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The Rush and the Hush...........

A quiet hush came over the world as we realised that the cars had stopped, the humming of

traffic along the highways had halted, the buzz of the streets was absent. Significantly fewer planes skirted the city sky.

These were the sounds of silence created by a world where we all stayed home. The immediacy of the stillness was not noticed by some, but a gift and a joy to behold, by others. We were provided a moment to notice the difference between the rush and the hush.

For me, I felt the energy quieten down: that feeling you can get from walking in the forest or on a deserted beach; a peace and a calm from the quietness of the surrounds and the transformative sounds of the whispering wind or the gentle sounds of the rolling waves.

As the world started to open again I found myself yearning for that hush… that silence that came from a moment in time where the world was slower and more at ease.

It triggered a desire in me for more of what I hadn’t known for many, many years and I started to contemplate how I could pivot my life to incorporate a little more space, quiet and hush.

Maybe you too, have had a moment to ponder what life would be like with a little less rush and a little more hush. Maybe these questions may help to uncover that for you........

What did this hush give me? How can I incorporate this into my life in the future? What is one small thing I can change that will give time for hush?


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